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What are the common issues that groundhogs cause?

Do you know groundhogs are dangerous?

Groundhog also has another name as ‘’Woodchuck’’, these are most dangerous because they dig a hole. They also causal a threat to our gardens and lawns, either by burrowing or by digging holes or by feeding on plants. They also can damage our human life by biting a human being wild groundhog can eat a human, and it can be hazardous.

There are some problems that groundhogs cause are as following:

Groundhogs digging holes:

The groundhogs dig holes in the backyard of your house, and they build burrows systems. Groundhogs live underground in the trenches and weak the substructure of the house. They make tunnels by digging trenches. They made large tunnels and lived in them. They dug underground holes and pits.

Structure and foundation damage:

Groundhogs can damage your house structure, underground foundation by digging large holes and make many entrances from all sides of excavations. The average burrow depth is five feet, and they can hollow up to 45 tunnels. It can be risky to live in such a house; these excessive burrowing can damage the house's foundation.

Living under the shed:

Groundhogs can come into your house through tunnels and holes and live under the shed, porch, deck, and attic too. They can hide in your rooms also. They can damage your household items also. Avoid keeping food openly in the kitchen. Clean your dustbin properly.

Destruction of the garden:

Groundhogs are herbivores, can causal of damaging your lawn, yard. As, they dig holes in the mud and can destroy crops, trees, and plants in your garden. As groundhogs dig tunnels, these tunnels are so large and have chambers inside them, which are invasive for your garden. They chew all plants and vegetables, fruits and can climb trees and damage them and also weaken the roots.

Gnawing wires:

Groundhogs love to the gnawing. They chew electrical cables in the name of sharpening their teeth. They damage insulation too. They can chew electrical wires and cut them into pieces, exposed wires, and dangerous conditions into your walls and ceilings. It can be a big issue. They burrow holes, tunnels, and dirt mount that interfere with the operations performed in the farms can damage the instruments and equipment.

Causal of Human Diseases:

Groundhogs carry fleas and ticks, which spread diseases such as Rabies, skin allergy, Lyme, Powassan to human beings and pets. The most dangerous condition they contain is Rabies. It may be hazardous and fatal to human life.

To get rid of groundhogs, you should follow these tips:

-Build a proper fence around your house and garden to prevent them from groundhogs.
-Spray around the plants and trees properly and spread Epsom salt around.
-Bobbex-R is also the specially formulated repellent for animals.
-Soaking rags in ammonia and placing them around your house and also lawn can protect your plants and trees from groundhogs.
-Setup cage traps to catch the groundhogs.
-Allow your pet, such as a dog or cat, to threaten groundhogs.

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