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Humane Mouse Removal


A random single little mouse in your house may look cute but this could mean a whole army of mice is living in your house and these creatures can be quite annoying as pests. They reproduce rapidly and a female mouse can give birth to almost 10 liters per year. One litter can consist of 5 to 6 and sometimes even 12 mouse pups.

Reason for Avoiding other Killing Methods

Different methods used for mice removal include some lethal traps like glue traps or snap traps and poisons. Poisons are not only painful for mice but they can harm humans and pets as well. These are time-saving and convenient but may extend the suffering period for the animal for up to days before dying in pain. These methods might help you in killing a mouse or the horde of mice residing in your house but they will not stop other mice taking the vacant space. To prevent rodent infestation, the reasons and conditions encouraging their settling in your house should be attended first.

Humane Ways of Mice Removal

Make your house Mice-proof
Make your house mice or rodent proof. You can do this by keeping your house extremely clean and especially kitchen from crumbs or bits of food, keeping uneaten pet food in closed containers, sealing away any potential points of mouse entry, cutting the branches trees near windows that can act as a bridge, keeping the trash covers or sealed, placing trash cans at a distance from the house and lining the food and different areas of your house with aluminum foils might keep rodents away.

Use Mouse Repellents
Mice hate the scent of garlic, spices, cayenne pepper and peppermint. Add garlic and cayenne pepper in salad oil and store it in a spray bottle. You can use it in areas like chewed wires or punctured water pipes which are mostly affected by mice. Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them when you think mice activity is high.

Capture and Release
You can use a non-lethal trap like the Havahart mouse trap. The bait lure mice inside the trap and they get captured. Once trapped, you can release them away from your house.

Live Traps
Live traps are also useful. You can use these traps in mild weather. They will be humane until and unless you monitor them every hour because the trapped mouse may die of stress-induced disorders. Provide the mouse with food and water to prevent starvation and dehydration. Release the mouse away from your house or humanely kill it.

Snap Traps
Snap traps are a quick and humane way of killing mice and rats as well. Use a well-designed snap trap that gets triggered when the animal’s head is fully inside the trap. The mouse can be lured by food as bait. This trap ensures quick death and once cleaned, it can be used again.

Mice are small animals that mean harm but end up as pests. They sometimes carry diseases because of their weak immunity. Traps like glue traps and poisons are mostly used for their removal but both of these bring extremely agonizing death to mice. Mice are living beings and they should not be given painful death just because they are pests. Humane for their killing or their removal without killing should be the priority.

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